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Kathie Tupper

Kathie Tupper

Certified Health & Life Coach


My name is Kathie Tupper. I am a certified Health and Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, and published author. I am fortunate in that all my professional paths are fulfilling, energizing and connected to my true passion — helping people discover and travel the path to their most fully optimized life.

Too often I see people who are stuck in ways of being that limit their ability to define and achieve their goals and dreams. They struggle to break free of negative ways of thinking, old patterns of behavior, or feelings of unworthiness. I’ve been in all those places, and I know what that feels like.

As a health/life coach and body worker, I am a strong advocate for taking charge of your life and prioritizing self-care. Particularly as we age, the importance of self-care becomes even more crucial. We’ve all heard of putting our own oxygen mask on before helping another to do so… yet how many of us actually practice that principle?

I am especially passionate about working with women over 40 who are ready to embrace a life that bumps them up to the top of the priority list. I love working with women who want to explore what it’s like to travel the road to their most optimized life — those who are ready to identify obstacles and challenges that have kept them stuck or limited their ability to expand beyond what they previously defined as possible in their lives, and those who are ready to break free from body image issues, addictions, or negative self-talk.

A life-long outdoor enthusiast, I am most at home on trails and in the mountains. I find peace, calm, inspiration and healing when I am embraced by the magnificence of Mother Nature. Much of my writing is about this passion and the process of healing and coming into my own that has occurred through immersion in nature.

I bring this passion for nature into my health and life coaching programs as well. I take clients on hikes to expand their boundaries of what they previously thought of as possible for themselves, as well as to experience the full benefits of being one with the natural world.

I invite you to explore my programs and join me with feet on the path and eyes wide open.


Hike Your Best Life Transformation Program

Spending too much time sitting on your butt? Or are you a casual hiker who wants to kick things up a notch? This program is for novice and experienced hikers alike who want to get out on foot regularly to experience the trails with a coach and guide. Discover the pure joy of being physically active on a hike for which you set the agenda and distance. 

Optimum Self-Care Transformation Program

A 12-week health coaching program designed to identify and explore tangible 90-day goals that you set and create the conditions for ongoing success beyond the program. Goals can be around weight loss, your relationship to your body, increased energy, increased movement, and/or other health-related issues.

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