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Hike Your Best Life Transformation Program

Spending too much time sitting on your butt? Or are you a casual hiker who wants to kick things up a notch? This program is for novice and experienced hikers alike who want to get out on foot regularly to experience the trails with a coach and guide. Discover the pure joy of being physically active on a hike for which you set the agenda and distance. 

Optimum Self-Care Transformation Program

A 12-week health coaching program designed to identify and explore tangible 90-day goals that you set and create the conditions for ongoing success beyond the program. Goals can be around weight loss, your relationship to your body, increased energy, increased movement, and/or other health-related issues.

Since my early 20s, I have always felt most at home on the trails. Clarity comes, insights abound, and my perspective on life expands when I am embraced by natural surroundings. Out on the trails, my mind opens to what’s possible in life. Boundaries and limitations dissolve. I have a clear sense of myself as a wholly empowered person while also realizing that I am just one part of something so much bigger than myself.

I created Hike Your Best Life with this passion in mind. But let me clarify, you don’t have to be a hiker to Hike Your Best Life. The word hike means to walk a great distance, to move up or rise, to increase. Each of my programs emphasizes holistic, forward movement – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Participants leave behind negative thoughts and old habits that no longer served as they move toward greater clarity, freedom, and lasting habit change.

In addition to being a Certified Health and Life Coach, I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist. Regular, positive self-care is at the center of everything I do. ALL my programs emphasize tuning into and practicing self-care on the path to an optimized life.

Some clients prefer to hike from the comfort of their own home, taking part in my signature 12-Week Optimum Self-Care Transformation Program. Others want to take to the trails by participating in my Hike Your Best Life Transformation Program. This is a customized program where we explore what’s possible for clients in nature, challenging both physical and emotional boundaries.

All journeys begin with a phone consultation to determine which program is right for you. The 45-minute discovery session is FREE  and will help you determine your goals and how they can best be met.

Are you ready to Hike Your Best Life? Hike up your britches and get after it!

“I have a clear sense of myself as a wholly empowered person while also realizing that I am just one part of something so much bigger than myself.”

Kathie Tupper

Kathie Tupper

Certified Health and Life Coach


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